Questions I’ve asked myself for years:

  • Why is collaborating with others sometimes like heaven on earth; and at other times we can’t get along at all?
  • How can we work joyously together on an ongoing basis, and create results that are sustainable and meaningful?
  • What do I need to develop in myself, in order to co-create more of the heaven on earth experiences; and help uplift the groups & communities I care about?

I know that the quality of our work in the world is directly correlated to our inner state. So over 20 years I’ve collected a variety of processes that allow people to shift: from relating out of a state of protect and survive to relating from a state of connect and thrive.

We enter a safe space, where we get to be ourselves and unleash the co-creative genius within us. Then… inspired and dedicated professionals make magic happen. ✨✨✨

What processes will we use?

There is a whole collection. All meant to liberate our inner genius, to foster self-leadership, to listen deeply and be truly innovative; in other words: to work holistically = integrating mind, heart, body and soul.

Naming just a few:

Open Space Technology
Genuine Contact
Dragon Dreaming
Inviting Leadership
Circle Way–A Leader in Every Chair
CTT–Cultural Transformation Tools
The Work by Byron Katie
Radical Honesty
Presencing & Theory U

These processes, when combined with organisational structures that serve people (instead of having them serve the system), will lead to aliveness, engagement, ongoing innovation, and true caring for the wellbeing of each other. Or in other words: to collaborating and co-creating anchored in love.

joyful together is committed to serve the evolution of human consciousness by co-creating organizations that contribute to a natural way of living & collaborating (note: natural is different from “normal”):

Organisations that serve people, planet, prospering, and… playfulness.

Would you also like to play this infinite game?

If so, let’s talk. About how we can do that together. Not by pushing against the old. But by replacing it with the new.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”                                      Buckminster Fuller


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