At work, you can often identify me by my out-bursting laughter; seizing opportunities to go at deep questions with playful curiosity. Then, I might be the one with tears in my eyes; deeply moved when meaningful breakthroughs happen.

As an “Explorer of Conflict and Finder of the Hidden Treasures” my desire is to help you welcome conflict and to use the energy stuck within it for creative movement forward (instead of blaming each other and missing the opportunity for growth).

My favorite fairytale is “The Emperor’s New Cloths”. The child’s innocent truth telling inspired me. For years, I built my own capacity to be thoroughly honest.

I have identified honesty as my main doorway into a life worth living. My leadership, mentoring, coaching, training and facilitation is inviting us to get fully honest with ourselves and each other. If we open up and let go off the need to “get it right”, we can learn and grow all along the way…

That’s where the magic begins.

“When we reveal, we are in relationship. When we conceal, it’s an entanglement.”
Gay & Katie Hendricks