Berlin 18, 2019

Course Overview

Businesses of all kinds are coming to realize that self-management is what actually scales, and Open Space Technology is what actually delivers. Self-managed teams are essential in any organization that wants to become an Agile enterprise. Self-management across the enterprise leads to higher performance, much higher levels of employee engagement, and much more innovation.

Dates and Times

Monday, November 18, 2019

1 day class prior to the Berlin Open Leadership Symposium

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Course Content

Self-managed teams are essential in any organization that wants to become an Agile enterprise. And so the key question becomes:

How can you, as a leader, encourage and manifest more of the following?

  • Improved results and revenues ?
  • Lower expenses and costs ?
  • More employee engagement ?
  • More innovation ? And…
  • Much more business Agility ?

Open Space Technology is part of the answer to these questions. Much more than a meeting format, the use of Open Space Technology combined with clear leadership intention … has the power to transform your entire organization.

With Open Space, you will experience:

  • A big increase in levels of employee engagement
  • Real self-management that can actually scale across your entire enterprise
  • Much more innovation — by creating the fertile conditions necessary for innovation to appear

Open Space Technology is an essential aspect of any “Agile at Scale” program because it engages everyone in the process of changing.

This course in Open Space Technology gets you started with arranging and delivering  Open Space events in organizations.

Open Space

This course teaches the concepts and facilities of the Open Space meeting format to an intermediate level of depth. You will learn how to arrange and execute Open Space events inside organizations. You’ll learn the deeper reality of Open Space. You’ll learn how to deliver Open Space in face-to-face and online, using live real-time video to create a rich interactive experience.  Finally, as an executive or a practitioner, you will learn about how to leverage the Open Space meeting format– to increase the overall performance of your organization in a rapid, genuine and lasting way. You exit this class ready to plan and deliver Open Space events in large rooms. You also learn how to deliver distributed Open Space events, **online** using Zoom video.

Who Should Attend

  • Any leader in any organization that is struggling with complex and constant change
  • Leaders who are seeking great instruction in all of the Open Space fundamentals
  • Executives, directors, and managers who are seeking more employee engagement and innovation and are new to the Open Space process
  • Coaches and consultants who serve organizations seeking genuine improvement and more innovation
  • Decision-makers who want to implement OpenSpace Agility (or any other change-innovation program) as rapidly & effectively as possible

What You Receive

  • THE TOOLBOX: A complete kit and toolbox of PDF resources for Open Space including checklists for setting up the space, preparing leaders, and more;
  • EXPERT INSTRUCTION: The full course of expert instruction on how to plan, arrange and deliver Open Space events in your organization;
  • SUPPORT: Thirty days of support by email from the instructors, who will answer every question you have, *after* the class;
  • OLN MEMBERSHIP: One full year of Membership in the Open Leadership Network (if you are already a Member, one year is added to your Membership.) Membership benefits include a fifteen (15) percent discount on all scheduled classes. Membership also includes access to the Member discount on attending The Open Leadership Symposium, our flagship conference event.


This 8 hour course provides you with everything you need to get started with designing, planning and delivering Open Space events of up to 500 people.

Every student earns a certificate of completion in Open Space (OLN-OST1 certification) from The Open Leadership Network.

Eventbrite - OST in Orgs


For the first time, we aere offering the following additional benefits of participating in this class: The following optional benefits and support *after* the class are available to you. These options are intended to support you even more in your work with Open Space Technology:

  • 1.5 hour Group Mentoring call within a month after the class via Zoom
  • 1 hour 1-on-1 Mentoring  with Marai or Mark within 3 months after the class


Marai KieleMarai Kiele

Marai has arranged, participated in, or facilitated hundreds of Open Space Technology events since 2003. Her professional experience with Open Space Technology spans several countries and cultures, including the USA, Sweden, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Canada. Her online Open Space events have held space for participants from over 25 countries since 2015. Learn more about Marai


Mark SheffieldMark Sheffield

Mark is an Agile coach and certified trainer. He is a co-author of The OpenSpace Agility Handbook and of Inviting Leadership, a tutorial and reference guide for shifting from leadership delegation, to leadership invitation. Mark has been training, coaching, and launching Agile teams since 2013 and has been facilitating Open Space events in person and online since 2015. Learn more about Mark

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